Rory, laddie and a witch alongside the Rory the Rescue Dog book

Mischief. Fun.

A timeless story for all ages young and old! Follow Rory and Laddie on their adventures around the Cotswolds and beyond. All for only £6.99!

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What the book includes…


Rory the Rescue Dog is based on some true adventures and happenings experienced by myself and my wonderful rescue dogs, Rory and Laddie.

Free Music downloads

I have written original music to accompany some of these songs, aimed at those who like to sing or are learning to play a musical instrument (the sheet music and audio backing are available as pdf and mp3 files).

Song & Dance

Rory the Rescue Dog not only provides a ‘good read’, but it also contains songs, rap, poems, a two-person play and a fun dance with the Haggis Song and Dance Band.

Donation to charity

A percentage of each sale is being donated to Cheltenham Animal Shelter, for whom I’d like to thank for letting me have Rory and Laddie in the first place!

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The main characters

Rory and his friends…

Rory the Rescue Dog's friend Laddie
Laddie Towers

Laddie, a mischievous terrier, rescued at 3 years old after being abandoned and found wandering alone around Cheltenham. He is slightly bonkers and gets himself into all sorts of predicaments!

Rory the Rescue Dog
Rory Towers

Lead Character
Rory, a beautiful Border Collie, rescued at 3 years old after being found abandoned and wandering alone around Gloucester. He is kind, friendly and loves everyone and everything.


Mac, a mad and excitable budgie, is Rory’s unlikely friend and confidante. They tell each other everything in their own, rather strange, way.

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And support an animal rehoming charity

A percentage of every sale of this book is being donated to Cheltenham Animal Shelter, who let me have Rory and Laddie in the first place. I’d like to thank them for their hard work and dedication in re-homing and looking after abandoned animals and pets in need of love, nourishment and care.

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