Rory the Rescue Dog
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It’s All About The Adventure

Rory the Rescue Dog is based on some true adventures and happenings experienced by myself and my wonderful rescue dogs, Rory and Laddie. I am a musician and part-time instrumental teacher living in Gloucestershire with my dogs and various other creatures (some invited, some not!). For some years I have worked in a number of primary and secondary schools as a peripatetic piano and woodwind teacher. As such I am keen to encourage children to have fun, interact with their peers or family members, and to generally get involved in reading, music and the arts.

Rory the Rescue Dog not only provides a ‘good read’, including educational content, but it also contains songs, poems and a dance that can be read or performed singly or as part of a group.

What’s included?

  • 128 pages of magical adventures
  • Songs, poems and a dance
  • Donation to Cheltenham Animal Shelter

Loved the book!

“I absolutely loved reading Rory the Rescue Dog. This is not your typical children’s book about a dog. Paula Towers’ Rory is delightfully reminiscent of the books I read as a child – books that frightened me at times, charmed me at other times, but always, always entertained me. Read Rory the Rescue Dog and I promise you will beg for more. Rory is a very special dog, and Paula is a very special author”.

Paul M Howey

Author of Freckles, The Mystery of the Little White Dog in the Desert, winner of The ASPCA Henry Bergh Children’s Book Award

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“My reasons for writing this book are twofold however and, apart from writing a good story, my love for all creatures (well, nearly all) and being the owner of various, prompted me to write a book that wold enable children to be aware of, and care for, the creatures around them,”




Rory cast his adventures far and wide but his favourite spot is Woodchester Mansion which provides a wonderful place to meander around. Rory and Laddie have had some of the best walks of their lives there. Heaven on earth.

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