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Rory the Rescue Dog


Excitement, danger, laughter, tears… Rory the Rescue Dog – the Rescue Dog who became the Rescuer contains all of these and much much more. Full of adventures based on true events that Rory and his pal Laddie experienced, this colour illustrated 144 page children’s book is for young and old alike – Paula Towers

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Rory the Rescue Dog – the Rescue Dog who Became the Rescuer, a fully colour illustrated 144 page book, is full of adventure and excitement, with stories based on true events that rescue dogs Rory and Laddie experienced along with their owner… me. Written for children from 7 upwards, Rory has been enjoyed by both young and old alike.

Rory the Rescue Dog is unique in that, along with the stories, it also contains poems, songs, music, dance and drama. As a musician and instrumental teacher I am keen to promote the arts and to encourage children to have fun with these genres. Rory the Rescue Dog has all of these packed into it’s pages for children to enjoy and hopefully, by reading this book, they will be inspired to try these genres out for themselves and, who knows, may even go on to be budding writers and musicians in the future. Free sheet music is available to download from the website in pdf format, as are audio backing tracks in mp3 format. In the book there is a two-page spread for children to write their own poem or song and to illustrate it as they wish. There is a short ‘play’ for two people to perform as a conversation and, of course, there are lots of pages to read all about Rory and his friends in their adventures – Paula Towers

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